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New Years Eve 2018 in Russia

It’s a long time ago I celebrated New Year in Russia.

That’s why it was so magical to finally be there with my Russian family when 2018 was arriving. 2017 was such a wonderful year and I put all my hopes that 2018 would be just as good. I have many plans and expectations for 2018.

Red Square is a beauty

Tverskaja street

Near Bolshoi theatre

Christmas Shops

Samovar is a traditional Russian water-boiler

Ice-slide in the middle of the city.

2018 is pronounced to be a year of Theatre in Russia and we could see many theatre-masks all over the city.

Snegurochka - Father Frost's granddaughter. Father Frost is a Russian version of Santa Claus/ Nissen / St.Niklas.


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