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Liliana & Dmitry

You don't make old friends, they say.

My dear friend through many years Liliana got married for 17 years ago with her wonderful Dmitry. Back then we were young, carefree and the whole world was standing before us with it's arms wide opened. I was her bride-made that day and I remember that it as if it was yesterday.

In 2019 they finally got their blessings- something they were talking about in years. This time I was their photographer and their beautiful children were their witnesses at the ceremony.

(Russian Orthodox Church doesn't have a permission to marry. Marriage should first be done by officials and the couple can choose if they want to go to church to get a blessing - something not everybody chooses to do). Many chose getting their blessing in a couple of months or years.

In September 2019 me and my husband were travelling to Russia, to Kislovodsk, just for a few days to share this beautiful day with the family we love so much. Instead of getting married in Moscow region they decided to fly all way to Koukasus.

Unforgettable days!

I'd like to share some of the pictures taken there.


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